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Name: Nath Serier
Date Posted: 16:13, 02 05 2015
Message: Zoe is just the most amazing mare i've seen. Was so lucky to be there with ian team and to see her at 2003 fut and 2004 Derby and this still one from my best souvenirs in Australia shows.... Again congrats Raelene for everythings you did,do and will with her... Progenies looks like talented as Mum and their dads also :)

Name: Susan Baker
E-mail: the
Date Posted: 11:51, 05 07 2014
Message: Hi Raelene, what sort of price are you looking at for this exquist horse??

Name: Jenny
Date Posted: 17:33, 15 12 2013
Message: Hi
After speaking to you this weekend I decided to check out your site. Your mare One Hellofa Spin is truely poetry in motion, congratulations on your life's achievements.

Name: Sofia
Date Posted: 19:45, 10 12 2013
Message: I hope to find someone who can understand me and share my love. I really dream to paddle and start a family, I will always love.

Name: Jan Austin
Date Posted: 12:55, 02 02 2013
Message: Hi Raylene,
Just joined facebook, not got a clue what to do,so here goes.
regards Jan

Name: Rosalie \\
Date Posted: 19:59, 16 04 2011
Message: Hi Rails, How are you. Just joined Facebook recently and looking for old friends. Not showing any more, but kept my Verdict mare just because I can! Hope everything is good with you, miss my old friends around the shows...

Name: Jolene
Date Posted: 16:01, 13 03 2011
Message: Awesome site, some really beautiful horses

Name: Debbie Baker
Date Posted: 23:34, 10 01 2011
Message: Congratulations-your site is easy to navigate and your babies are beautiful! I had a wonderful time visiting, thankyou.

Name: Teresa Russo
Date Posted: 10:35, 27 08 2010
Message: Awesome webpage Raelene!! Beautiful horses. Congrats on all your achievements.

Name: vanessa southey
Date Posted: 09:56, 25 06 2010
Message: Hi Ralene
great web site and yes Authentic Roc still is the greatest horse ever!!

Name: Deb
Date Posted: 09:53, 15 06 2010
Message: Great website !! Lovely pics of Íne Hellofa Spin" will be watching for their progeny in the cutting pen ☺;


Electra Park Quarter Horses Qld

Name: Amy Innes
Date Posted: 13:28, 09 06 2010
Message: would have to be fitting to say this is one hell of a web site
breeding and looks unreal would love a TR Dual Rey x One Hell Of A Spin filly sounds like a very exciting cross
look forward to seeing your next crop of foal

Name: Kristin Carroll
Date Posted: 13:20, 08 06 2010
Message: Awesome website!

Name: Pascale Benoit
Date Posted: 08:25, 11 03 2010
Message: great web page Rales


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